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Life With Coffee

VIM COFFEE offers special quality coffees, especially those purchased directly from coffee plantations around the world. We will provide opportunities to enjoy a “life with coffee” at home or in our coffee shop on a normal or special day.

In VIM COFFEE, we have special quality coffee we purchased on site from farms around the world. We creates an opportunity to enjoy “life with coffee” at home or a shop for daily life or a special day.


Pour-over Coffee 

We have a strong relationship of trust with coffee producers around the world, visit several farmers and associations every year to check the quality, and discuss cherry selection standards and quality. We also actively return high quality beans to farmers and associations by purchasing them at a price higher than the general market price.


We create a strong relationship with coffee farmers around the world, and have a discussion with them to improve cherry selection criteria or quality when we visit several farmers or farmer's cooperatives to confirm their coffee qualities every year. We also positively redistribute profits to them by purchasing their products at a higher price than the average market price.

Commitment to roasting

Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 

We make the best use of the characteristics of the beans and try to make a taste that matches the beans.

Sometimes roasting can feel the fruitiness on the entire surface, or roasting with sweetness and richness on the entire surface. We will determine the state of the beans and propose the best coffee.


Enthusiasm for Roasting

We utilize characteristics of beans and keep in mind to flavor according to the beans. We may roast one for the fruity flavor to be felt, we may roast another for the sweet or rich flavor to be felt. by determining beans conditions.

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