Bernini 100% Arabica 450g

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After many months of research and development, new signature blend named to one of the expert family in coffee roasting in Italy Bernini family.

100% Arabica blend which is perfectly balanced between body and aroma, with a good finesse and low acidity. This perfect balance between South American natural and Central American washed Arabicas is also creamy and sweet with far hints of chocolate.

We consider the result a perfect balance between South American natural Arabicas and Central American and African washed Arabicas.


The result in a espresso extraction at 93°C of 25 ml in 26 seconds and with an average degassing of 60 hours, is a hazelnut colored cream with marked nuances. The sweetness and acidity are balanced. Scents of toasted bread, vanilla and milk chocolate. Perfect also for brewing methods such as the V60 and Aero Press.

weight available: 250g and 450g

Types Available:

-Coffee whole Beans

-Ground coffee

-for Espresso Machine

-for Moka pot

-Cyprus coffee

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