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The decaf is made of Arabica beans which are decaffeinated with a natural system that removes the caffeine without the use of any chemicals. With this process the skin wax of the bean is removed, which is good for our stomach and our sleep.


This coffee was tasted with espresso at 92°C with an extraction of 25ml in 23 seconds. The average degassing took place in 60 hours.
In this case, we should start with a knowledge: caffeine doesn´t have any taste. Therefore, if a decaf coffee is prepared correctly, it can´t be told apart from the same coffee with caffeine.
In this case the cream has a hazelnut color without nuances. The aroma is of toast and cocoa and the taste is well balanced and an interesting body.

weight available: 250g and 450g

Types Available:

-Coffee whole Beans

-Ground coffee

-for Espresso Machine

-for Moka pot

-Cyprus coffee

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